What Have I Done?

Featured below are some of my best work from over the years!

Graphic Design

Sunrise & Moonrise, 2021

Dulled Rainbows, 2021

This poster set was inspired by Korean band Day6's albums named Sunrise and Moonrise respectively. The posters include scannable Spotify codes for the albums.

This poster set was made for my History of Graphic Design finals. We were tasked to depict a social issue or phenomenon that can be called a "pandemic" with a past art movement. The social issue depicted was homophobia through Dadaism - a movement associated with challenging social norms, something the Queer community is continuing to do today.

Vector Illustrations

Outer Space Icon Pack, 2019

New Normal, 2020

Realidad, 2021

Originally done on PowerPoint, these vector icons were created for a class reporting about the Solar System. This icon pack is my first venture into vector illustrations.

This piece was an entry to a poster-making contest. The given prompt was "New Normal: Innovating Education in the Midst of a Global Pandemic." It placed 2nd in the Digital category and also marks my first try at isometric illustrations.

This piece was made for a Contemporary Arts class. Depicted in the illustration are the different groups of people within the Philippines' political sphere.


RJ&JR Paluto, 2021

Moon Shot, 2021

RJ&JR Paluto wanted a simple and minimalist logo. As the clients have a love for both food and cooking, a heart symbol and chef hat served as the inspiration for the silhouette. The typeface was chosen to evoke the casual yet high quality of their service offers.

Moon Shot was a hypothetical coffee brand made for a Drawing 1 class plate. The class was prompted to create a logo and collaterals for a food brand. The logo integrates both a coffee mug and a crescent moon to match the faux brand's motto, "The perfect companion for your nightly grind"


Underwater Paradise, 2020

The Wide World of Neurodiversity, 2020

Circum Solem, 2022

This poster-leaflet hybrid was made for a school project aiming to promote a tourist spot known for outdoor recreational activities. The place featured was Anilao, Batangas.

This short brochure provides basic information regarding Neurodiversity. It includes information on common neurological conditions and how society can be more inclusive toward the Neurodiverse community.

This booklet is a reimagining of a school presentation about the Solar System.


Stained with Red, 2022

The final plate for a Photography course had the class partner up with the Philippine Association on Media and Information Literacy (PAMIL). We were prompted to create a photo series that depicted an issue related to MIL.

The goal of this photo series is to remind everyone of the harmful effects of Historical Distortion. Everyone must be wary of the information they see online. It must be fact-checked with credible sources.